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Hi Gentlemen. I am trying to revive a 56 model 60 on propane. Engine was stuck but have freed it up. I am fairly familiar with propane because I have a 58 model AC D17 on propane.
On the regulator of the JD, the solenoid for the prime function is missing. On the back side of the reg. just forward of the prime button is a small nipple approx. 1/4" with the remains of a rubber hose on it. If I am not mistaken, this hose is required to supply vacuum to the regulator diaphram to allow fuel to pass to the carb. I searched but could not find a matching nipple somewhere on a vacuum source but failed. I have searched quite a bit but fear I will never find a source for the primeing solenoid. I have seen several schematics of supposed model 60 regulators that do not have this nipple.
Any help or experience would be greatly appreciated.
Richard Riddick, West Tennessee
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