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Not that I've ever seen. Most tracked equipment is found in construction and a few large aquacultural tractors. What you call a "tiller" is more known as a walking tractor or walk behind tractor in the U.S. Their popularity declined drastically from the late 1960s. The last manufacturer here that I know was Gravley, and they stopped production about 20 years or so ago. Sitll some BCS tractors being imported.

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I will simply add that one can use a pto driven 3 point rotovator or tilling attachment that works the soil in the same manner as a tiller that Dave describes. One of these is a nice attachment to have for a small gardener or vegetable producer.

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Grand daveinky

Gravley étant une bonne marque

J’aime leur charrue rotative

Cher nous cela existe

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rapid 10cv

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staub 8cv

D'une ami qui participe au concours de labours

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