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My '51 "M"...a few before & afters

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Just thought I'd through a few pictures out here of my ol' "M" since all the others are gone.

Before pictures, right in the same spot that it had sit for years...

After a couple years worth of work...still not "done" but close enough to be presentable...

A few pictures from back in the winter, after getting my seat reupholstered by Darrell Darst and getting the original set of fenders I bought last summer painted and mounted up...

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Thats one sweet tractor Sir. Top notch job on that one. Thanks for the pics.
nicely detailed unit
It looks pretty good to me
Beautiful piece of iron. Heck I'd be tickled to find an M in my area that looks as good as your tractor did before the restoration.
very good job DC :!:
Beautiful work! looks fantastic
thanks for re-posting! Sharp Ride you have there! :cool:
Beautiful M; looks like from here the sheet metal was straight before repaint; saves a lot of time and work
Glad you posted the pics. You do one fine job on your tractors.
That is one sweet looking "M".
Truly a beauty - thanks for sharing!
Thank you all for the compliments! "Millie" was a pretty straight ol' gal to start with, just a little work on the grille was really all that was needed. Paints not perfect, but seems like I manage to get a little better each time I paint one. Not really a "restored" tractor, cause I do like a bit of detail on them. Still hoping to add an IH two-way valve to it sometime. One of these I'll break down and buy new rear tires, but these have good tread on 'em yet and hold air, although they are weathered something awful.
I love the old M's. :D
I use my '49 M almost daily, because it has a Dual loader plus a 3-pt.
The last 2 days it's been busy pulling a "drag" around in my alfalfa fields knocking down and smoothing out gopher mounds. :D
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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