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My Bantams

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pair of Self Blue weigh about 18oz

crele hen

pair of cucko

these are silver campine

this is Bessie she is a model OEG

beligan d' annie

fawn silverwing rooster
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Very nice, healthy looking birds. How many feed bags do they empty in a month :?:
Them are some good lookin' chickens Jr, i can see
why ya like em so much ;)
Nice chickens. Haven't seen many like them, though I live too close to city life right now.
Jr your chickens are like your kids. you treat them good.

Good looking birds (kids):D
Very nice looking Chickens! When the wife and I live on the farm one day, they're #1 on the list of cohabitants... well, that is after the goats who are already there. Looks like they are also quite gentle!
Pretty birds JR ! ;) Enjoy them.
JR, the reason I asked about how much feed they consumed was because of what I heard at the county ag office once. An older farmer noted that he was buying about $50 of feed each month so he could sell about $30 worth of eggs. We all got a good laugh from ity.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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