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My Cattle Today

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Shot a little more video of the herd running home for their evening grain ration. They go out searching for green grass every day but always come home to fill up on hay. It has been too cold for the grass to grow much yet. Spring is a little slow lately. ...
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Thanks for posting :)
Nice looking cattle. Looks like they made it through the winter in good shape....James
I remember our horses and cattle running to the barn when we'd call em in for feed. Great video.
Can't beat the countryside, thanks for the video.
Very pretty place and country :!:
Good looking herd of cattle ;)
That is a fine looking herd - you can tell that they're gentle... usually means they're well cared for and then some in my book ;) You should be proud. That bull is a beauty too! Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for all the comments on my motley crew. There have been cattle on this farm since my grandfather homesteaded it in 1903 so it is kind of a family tradition.. That bull is a big bruiser and I'm not sure he is finished growing. I sold his half brother last month and he weighed in at 1400 pounds. I think this red one is bigger. The litle black calf with the white star on it's head was only a week old in the video and a bit of an unexpected bonus. I was going to sell his mother last month not realizing she was in calf. She was missing the day we loaded the trailer. It was her first and she did well although not too co-operative but the calf persisted and all is well now.
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Enjoyed the video. You got some nice looking cattle no doubt they no where the feed is.
If that bull is still growing as you say he's going to be a bruiser... thanks for posting what a lovely surprise that calf must have been..
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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