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My Neighbor

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My neighbor Lynn recently lost her husband to cancer. He went to the Dr with pain in his stomach and died a week later less than a month ago.She came to the fence the other day when my wife was about to start roto-tilling our garden with our walk behind tiller, because I am not able to do much because of my back surgeries. We were really going to scale back the garden this year. Lynn offered to till up our garden for us with her Kubota tractor.It's got one of those roto tillers that goes on the 3 point hitch. She came over last night and did it. It is awesome. We are planting tonight. What a blessing Lynn is. She said Kent, her husband, had bought some kind of old Alis Chalmers tractor right before he died. I told her I'd help her get it running. I can't wait to go over and see what it is.
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Now that is the way things need to be. I call that being neighboly. That was good to share.

Betty, Good deeds should never go unnoticed.

This was how I grew up and miss so much! Seems like people are just too busy anymore to care about their neighbor. Miss those days :cry:

Good neighbor. :D We need more folks like that. My neighbor said to me one time
when I finished cutting his grass, after his heart surgery, a few years ago.
"David , we don't have many neighbors anymore, just people living around us."
Unfortunately, he's right. I agree with Mike. I miss the days when neighbors looked after one another.
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