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Nashville Ar show

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We had a blast at the show here is a few pics my mom got lots more during the parade, we won the oldest tractor award.

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Thanks for sharing Rocky ,looks like a nice show.

Some real nice looking machines there. Looks like a big show.Thanks for sharing.

Very nice. Even saw a set of baby moons on one of them farmalls. Thanks
I don't very often see a Regular Farmall on steel; thanks for the fotos.
The regular on steels is one of the two that we carried to the show. thanks i am waiting to get the rest of the photos from my mom to upload.
What is the baby moons. i must have missed it.
Third and fourth photo down on the A. Chevy "Baby moon" hub caps.
An origional set are $$$$$$$ :shock:
i asked that guy what that was in his weights he said they were 18 wheeler hub caps for the front wheels. I thought it was quite crafty. they fit very well.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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