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Need an ID

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This is my friends tractor, pulled it out of the bushes today after sleeping there for 10 years. Motor was stuck but we rocked it free and had it firing and wanting to start. I'm curious on what the heck it is
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Also forgot to mention, has a 4 speed like the 8n and jubilee. But looks newer?

No tag on flat spot, takin starter off tomorrow to get fixed. Tried turning her over today but starter wouldn't engage. Hit it with a hammer but still a no go.
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Update: found out that it is an NAA, with a 600 motor under the hood. Tried to get it running, has no spark. Cleaned the points and still nothin
It is not blinking. Tried tonight.
Not making contact at all. She's on the backburner while we get this 75 acres of hay in
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