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Need an ID

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This is my friends tractor, pulled it out of the bushes today after sleeping there for 10 years. Motor was stuck but we rocked it free and had it firing and wanting to start. I'm curious on what the heck it is
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rear hubs and trans bellhousing says naa to me.

sn will be on an angled boss aft of the starter if a mid to late model, and onthe left front of the engine block under the head if an early model.

if an early model with a replacement engine from a later model and the mechanic did not xfer a sn.. it may have none and will need to be dated based on engine casting id.. and or other casting id's to get chassie year and engine year range. and size, as any of the 134/172 and 192 will bolt in there.. ( 144 as well.. but that's a diesel.. and this ain't )
both the naa and the 600 sers.. as well as 601 and 2000 4 cyl used a 134ci red tiger gasser ( or a 144ci diesel after 59' )

so essentially same engine.

check power to coil.. points opening .025 and not shorted out at feedthru insulator in side of dizzy.. check that points close. put a test lamp inlint to coil and spin starter over.. lamp should blink..

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if it stays on. points are shorted. if no light at all.. points not making contact.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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