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Need information.

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Here is the tractor.

Here is the questions.
Can you hook remote hydrlics up on this tractor with out a seprate pump for a loader or pull behind equipment?

Did they have a High low range or I keep getting the mane torque amplfier stuck in my head.

What engine did they have.

:D Al
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It's a 206 engine, used in lots of MM smaller ag tractors and some industrial applications. "Ampli Torque" is MMs name for the high/low gearing. If yours has it, it was an option, the shift handle will be sticking up out of the righthand side of the transmission. Can't tell from your picture, does it have 3 point hitch or is that the "type E" hyd? A manual would tell you what you have and "maybe" answer your questions. Add a picture of the rear then maybe I can see and explain the hyd system. Thanks, John
Here is a picture of the right side. I assume the lever is for the amph torque?

I didn't get a picture of the rear.

About how many HP out of that 206?

:D Al
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That's the ampli-torque handle, "lever". Forward is high range, back is low. Leave it in high until "the transmission is warmed up" according to the book. It actually means leave it in high until the trans has thrown enough lube up to the sprague unit to lube it. Forgot to add, it's about 40 HP, I used to pull my 9' NH haybine with mine, no problem.
Thank you for the information. Now If I can find out if a remote hrdrlic set up can be put on the unit so I can use the cylinder on my field cultiver and disk harrow.

Way back when I was nearly 12 we were plowing for winter wheat after removing the oat crop. That field was some hard red clay in late August. Dad was fixing to trade off the 54 VAC Case that was considered my tractor as dad used the Massey 44 considered to big for me to handle.
Dad had the Moline dealer Virgle Price Evart Michigan) bring out a tractor to demostrate to us. What he brought was a 445 with a 3 pt mounted 3 bottom plow. The dealer and dad ran a few farrows then dad did a few with me then said to take over. OH the power of that tractor after the case and how it purred set my heart on fire. At the ends of the farrows when the plow was to come out of the ground the tractor and plow untited in protest by lifting the front end for a bit before the plow releasing from the ground. The dealer told dad there was a front weight kit he would throw in the deal.
Dad never did buy a tractor to replace the VAC. Just befor the next spring we had an auction sale and sold all the cattle and equpment.
I always thought there had been a recession that hit farmers hard and dad being one. But being a young boy I am not sure of the reason.

When I started collecting I looked for a nice 445 to add to the collection of tractors I and Kare owned. Never found one I felt nice enough or the same configurmation as that one so long ago till this one.

:D Al
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Looking at the 1t picture, it looks like "sway chains", which means it has 3 point, if it does, the remotes run directly off the 3 point mainb frame. There should be 3 levers on the right side, 1 for the 3 point, and the other 2 for the remotes. IF your tractor has these levers, it is capable of 2 remote systems with no modifications. Let me know, [email protected]. John
Well this one will never make it in our collection.
the deal fell thru on Saturday.

:D Al
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