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Hi Folks,

I am living in Netherlands in the agricultural east part.:hi:

I am new on this site and it was recommended by some tractorfolks from USA who came along on their trip to Europe to buy some specific part for their Farmall M and WD-9 tractors.I had a nice conversation with them and they told me in USA these IH gauge's were not available in these specs ,especilly and obviously not in the quality many tractor fans were looking for namely: 2"(52mm) gauges for their Farmall's.

I sell these gauge's (not the one's everywhere on or equal sites they showed me) on this side of the pond since 2010 after many requests from Farmall people over here to take them in my programm.Many H,M,WD-9,WD-6 and so on Cub and other US a(and British) Farmall's found their way over the ocean to Europe.

I have shipped also for the first time to the USA and it worked out great with shipment.;)

For your thoughts.All have IH logo.It handles about the Temperature 67135-DB, oil gauge (2 types),Ampere-gauge 20-0-20 and inscrew gauge Farmall Cub 0-60 PSI red-white dial sector.

When not also no problem.Eenough US and British Farmall's over here;)

Thanks from Arno
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