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New Guy from Kentucky

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Hey yall name is David Fultz from Berlin Ky (Northern Ky just outside of Brooksville) got a bad addiction to red tractors lol!!
I got a 450 Farmall Pulling/Show Tractor H Farmall (Project) Farmall Cub (Needs finished)
One of the youngsters around the antique tractors (33) but man is it fun listening to the storys and playing with these toys

David Fultz
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Thanks for the welcome!!!
Welcome to ATF ,glad to have you aboard.
Make yourself at home and look all around.

David you are not far from us . Henry & I live at Cynthiana .
The Home town Tractor Show will be here in Cynthiana in June 7 8 9.
Hope you cam make it up It is Caseman's show.

Thanks Betty for the welcome
I will try and make that show I"m through there all the time I run a trophy shop in Brooksville and have customers all over the place..... I seen the show last year when I was going to judge a car show in Boonesbough..... Hopefully I can make it this year
Welcome to the forum. Glad you joined us.
Hello and welcome, glad you joined us.
Hope you enjoy the forum!! ;)
Howdy David and welcome to ATF, we are happy to have ya with us :D
Glad to see another Ky Red tractor fan here

I've not been here very long, but seems to be a great place to visit
Thanks for the warm welcomes Yall
Welcome to the ATF!!!!!!! I aint got a red tractor yet :lol:
Do have a rusty 10-20 that needs some gray paint does that count :oops:
Yep grey paint will work...... Thanks for the welcome!!
Im a red person wife is green(we all cant be perfect LOL) brother in-law has blue orange and green!!!
David, Welcome from another Kentuckian.

Thanks guys!!
Welcome to ATF.
Welcome David. Glad to have you here with us :D
Thanks for the welcome!!
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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