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We are working on restoring my family's 1927 Farmall Regular. We are looking for parts and/or a parts tractor. We are especially interested in finding a set of steel wheels for it. Any one have any of these things? Any suggestions where I can look?

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Steel wheels will be hard to come by. Most people want to go to rubber so the tractor can be seen in parades. Steel wheels means you must keep it on the trailer for a parade.

Otherwise lots of places that sell parts.
Steiner Tractor Parts
Tractor Parts ASAP They also have a tractor junkyard and may be able to find you the steel wheels.

Amazon has vendors that sells parts.
If you have a Facebook account search for Farmall Group.
Another way I found vendors for tractors that I work on is to search Ebay. Alot of vendors will sell their parts there and you might be able to haggle the price.

Good luck and dont forget to post pictures. We love to see what other people have.

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Hello and Welcome. Glad you joined us.
I don't have any parts, but...
Put an ad on your local Craigslist and keep it active.
It may take some time for the right person to see it.
Meanwhile do a net search for tractor salvage yards.
Start with the regional ones in driving distance to save shipping costs.
Sorry I can't be of more help.

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Welcome to the forum!

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Howdy and welcome to ATF! Best wishes with your quest.
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