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New in town.

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I'm brand new to this board and look forward talking shop with you all. As my name suggests my primary interest lies with steam equipment, but in the past two years I have acquired three gas tractors. My Grandpa's John Deere MT, a "put together" John Deere D that was given to me by a friend, and a 1951 Minneapolis Moline Z which was owned by a recently deceased friend. Admittedly the Z was bought on emotional impulse... Oh well, it's a nice machine. I know next to nothing about any of these and will most likely be seeking guidance and advice from those more experienced than I.

I've been running steam traction engines since the age of fifteen and am currently restoring a 1909 Case 20hp at a local museum.
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Welcome, look forward to seeing your treasures....James
Thanks for joining, it's nice to have you.
Welcome to ATF ,glad to have you aboard .
Make yourself at home and look all around.

Welcome to ATF!
Hello and Welcome glad you joined us.
Hope you enjoy the forum !! ;)
Welcome to ATF, we are happy to have ya with us :D
Welcome to ATF.
Hello Steam, welcome to ATF

Admittedly the Z was bought on emotional impulse.
Most of us would have succumbed at some time. :)
Welcome aboard Steam. Glad to have you with us...................
Welcome steam. Glad to have you here. :D
Welcome aboard! Glad to have you here
tractors is tractors, at least the antique ones are about the same. Heavy, plagued with rust and worn seals, and in need of having the paint freshened up a bit. Gas is where I have the most of my limited experience, but I never miss the steam power show at the local 4H fairgrounds. Those old steam engines and traction engines are awe inspiring even when just idling
Welcome to ATF. Glad you joined and hope you enjoy.
Howdy and welcome to ATF!
Hi Steam welcome to the ATF. :D
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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