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new member a couple of my high crop cases

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Here a some pictures of a case 730 LP high crop i got out of LA this is what i started with more picture to come.
Also i will post of a case VAH high crop i fix up.[attachment=2:39ynafpv]730lp8.JPG.jpg[/attachment:39ynafpv]
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Richard good to see you on here ,When you can go down to the campfire and check in so everyone will get a chance to meet you.
More pictures
Here are the start pictures of the VAH more to come.
here are the pictures of the case VAH when it was done.
i love rowcrops.. neat propane setup. nice job for sure!
Welcome, Excellent job on both. :D Thanks for sharing. ;)
1 word NICE you do good work . Love the high crops don't see many around here.. ;)
i think one of my next projects will be one of the cases with cream colored tin..
Welcome. Great job on both tractors.
That's one sweet looking VAH. :)
Thanks for reply's.
lots of work went into the case 730lp high crop and the VAH.
here a more complete picture of the case 730.
Still needs a battery top tray for the case 730.
Also added a picture of one of my case DCS high crop waiting to be restored.
Those high crops are sure nice! Seems a lot of them were just plain worn out and destroyed! We have a couple VAH's around here but none with wheel centers like those!
i love that front axle!

there was one that used to be on propane but converted to gas at our local auction. I kicked the tires a few times.. but never bid on it.
Welcome to the forum, that is some real nice "Iron Candy" you have there.

Welcome to the forum!!
Great looking tractors!!!
I wish my VAH looked like yours.
Thanks for posting
i think I need to hit the local auction and see if there is anythig beat up and cheap there.. :)
Richardmo thank You for showing these tractors; they are all in a class by themselves. I have only seen about a dozen hi crops in my life; and they were brought to Oklahoma shows mainly from Louisiana. You have a one in a kind collection.
Those tractors sure look GOOD :D :D Thanks for sharing.
I never saw a 730 like that!! that is awesome!! :D
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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