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New project ! Need help

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Hi, Today I drove my new project home.It's a Ford 5000 diesel. Here are the numbers

E1017C = As far as I can tell it is a 5000 Agricultural Diesel 8 Speed. The info I have on the PTO type has the numbers 1 thru 6 but I have a 7
1E11 = 1971 May 11th
*B898xxx* = Made in England and serial number
There are two problems with it.
1. The 3 point doesn't move at all. This is different than my 861 and 4000 as there are two knobs on the side. one is a rotary knob marked Flow control and a push pull knob marked selector. I tried all the combinations I could think of but no luck. Any ideas ?

2. The Power assist steering also doesn't work. It was down quite a bit but after filling up still no assist

3. Shop manual on the way.
Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving !! Pete
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7 is a new one on me.. post a pic of the shifter.

if the diverter is pulled.. there will be no pressure to the lift.

if you have a top cover valve like most do.. make sure a spool is not engaged.. it will also kill the lift ( and relief eventually! )

with cap off PS pump resevoir.. is the oil rolling and circulating?

ps.. check it.. is it a 7spd or 8spd...
the engine alone is worth that pretty much
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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