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new to the board

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Well hello.
I am a carpenter by trade but I met the masseymechanic 6 years ago and we have become good friends. I have always had an interest in old crawler tractors/bulldozers since I was a small kid. Masseymechanic got me hooked last summer at a tractor show that we participated in(my first and second pulls). Darn it all, I'm hooked. Can't wait until next summer. My favourite crawlers are caterpillar up to D-4 with the old crossways starting engines; and I like the little JohnDeeres, they're great for clearing snow. I may be looking for an old caterpillar later but in the meantime, have fun. I sure will. I like it here!!!! :D
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Hello to the saltwatercowboy.I see you are saying it is because of me you are hooked.You just couldn't outrun the bug :lol: Might have had something to do with my 201 sitting in your yard for two years :lol: Glad to see you here.Check out all the different parts of the forum.There is something for everbody.
Hello and welcome to ATF, we are happy to have ya with us :D :D
Welcome to ATF ,glad to have you aboard
Make yourself at home and look all around.
Welcome to the ATF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome to ATF-glad to have you as a member here with us..
Welcome to the ATF! :D
Hello saltwatercowboy, welcome to ATF
Hello and Welcome, glad you joined us.
Hope you enjoy the forum!! ;)
Welcome to ATF. Enjoy the site.
Welcome Saltwatercowboy. Glad to have you here :D
Welcome to ATF.
Welcome, nice to have you!
Welcome to ATF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great to have you here at ATF!
Welcome to the forum.
Sorry I'm late on this but welcome and hope you enjoy ATF.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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