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New toy, 54 Super C

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I was on my way to work the other day, and happened to catch an auction as I was passing by. I noticed a little Super C coming up quick so I pulled in and registered and checked it out. It appeared to be pretty sound, with new rubber all around, and a fast hitch. I ended up bidding on it and to my surprise there was only one other guy bidding against me on it. Of course most of the people at the auction appeared to be there for more household items than a farm tractor, but long story short I ended up taking it home for a more than fair price. I went and cashed out to pay for it and called my Dad and had him load the trailer up as I had to hurry up and get to work. Anyways, he got it home for me and I haven't really had a chance to check it out much yet, but it seems to run pretty good from what I can tell. Here's a few pictures.

Dang near twins compared to my 52.

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Good deal. Don't ya love it when you happen into one by accident....A badly smoking H with a worn out loader went for near 16oo this past saturday. Three new tires though....I'd really like to have a Super C.
Don't see many with that style of air cleaner top anymore
Fast hitch and new tires.. Cant get much better!!
they just put the Super C sticker in the wrong place. must have been redone atleast the hood.
outstanding! That looks exactly like my 53 version. The Super c is the best small tractor that works like a big one ever built. I work the daylights out of mine. If one tractor was all I could ever have it would be a SuperC with fast hitch. I had lots of pics of mine here once upon a time. Now I will have to learn how to post pics all over again lucky for me I had lots of pics saved on photobucket when my old puter died.

I like your new Super C. congrats all around!
Here is my 53 version plowing and sidedressing tobacco in Clark county,ky back in 2010

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Here we are mowing hay in 07. using a1958 mccormick model 1200 fasthitch balanced head mower.

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here we are planting corn with c221 front mounted planter. not a good pic but it is a pic of a pic.

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George I'd frame that picture if I was you, Thats just pretty. What part of Clark county did you raise that in. Thats some good looking tobacco.
right sqaure in the middle of indian old fields. near goff's corner.
here is a shot going in the other direction. hills in background is pilot knob just over in Powell county.

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We aint to awful far apart. I'm just across the river in madison county just passed the fort turn on combs ferry then simpson lane.
I know just exactly where Combs Ferry is.I may ride down and visit you sometime.
closer view of my old sc with half the cultivators on it. going to give this jewel a fresh coat of paint come spring. I have lots of fasthitch implements to fit this baby. 209a 2x12 plow. 251 planter, 1200 mowing machine, c36a 7 foot disk harrow, herd seed sower, one row mechanical transplanter, post hole digger, grader blade, 21p mowing machine. carryall, 6 row spray rig and bale fork. I use this tractor for everything including baling hay and picking corn with a New Idea 323 one row picker. This is my everything tractor. easy to operate, easy on gas, just a joy to work.

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here it is with the one row mechanical transplanter/tobacco setter. we still use it to set tobacco and our garden plants like maters cabbage, peppers, broccoli, and so on can even plant taters and onions with it. is a slick outfit saves lots of hand labor with a hoe.

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here she is with the C36A fasthitch disk harrow. it gets new disk on it come spring. these have had the lick.

another view of the disk

one more pic of disk sorry about hijacking your thread but I am a Farmall nut. especially when it comes to Super C's.

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