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New tractors in the fleet

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Thought I'd post a couple pictures of my new additions. The D is one I purchased in Nebraska last September from the "Field of Dreams" auction. That was quite an experience and the 800 mile trip was one I will not forget, especially since Dad made it with me. The A is a 1935 model that I purchased from the son of a local JD dealer who passed away a couple years back. The D is a 1929 model and is my wife's tractor. Those two will be on the docket after my 1953 R is completed. God bless!

--old fashioned farmer

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Howdy and welcome back to the forum,
thanks for the neat pics :cool:
Everyone needs one of each of 'em. Nice barn for storage.
Will be looking forward to the fotos. I kind of envy You; on the D and the R

Great collection ! Have the same. :D
Only the birthday of the deere's varies.
My A is from 1947
The D from 1925 and
the R from 1949.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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