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If any of you use trickle tubes to water with the problem of fertigatable nitrogen is familiar since homeland security did away with ammonium nitrate.
I have found a brand of urea that shows promise I took a handful and dissolved it in a pitcher of water and ran it through the strainer (whatever mesh they recommend for drip) and found no residue whatsoever.
It is called Loveland.
I have 6 bags on order I'll let y'all know how it does.
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Thanks Bruce, Looking forward to your results.
I don't, but a friend who truck gardens was talking about that.
If you have good results I'll pass it on. ;)
I have ran 2 bags through the system and am pleased with the results. the filter doesn't clog, I have several tubes on young plants where I can see each dripper and do not see any clogged.
This company is in CO but Its bagged in Shelbyville Ky.
Thanks Bruce. I'll pass it on. ;)
Bruce those things are good to know. Thanks for that poat.
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