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Now that's a Row Crop!

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Forgot I had this photo of the 1957 ford. Styled after the 901. I heard tell you could hear this thing coming from a couple of blocks away.
Just though I'd post it for all that may have never seen it.

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Wow, what a beastly looking machine!
That looks like it would be fun to drive. Thanks for posting it.
Wow! That is a great shot of a unique FORD.
Thanks for posting.
Thats a wild looking outfit. Makes you wonder what other kind of goodies they made to play with.
That would have been a nice sized tractor. I wonder what issues kept it from production. :cry:
Good lookin workhorse there. Never saw that before. Thanks Kirk
Another new one on me too. I wonder if it came with sound suppressors for your ears.
Always something different on here to see.
Thanks Kirk for sharing
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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