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I thought that I will share this-- aeems the right time of the year.

In the Portland OR area; we have had a very nice October. Hope everyone's was also.

Leaves in the Wind

Some sunny October day, sit and watch leaves in the wind

You will see dances and chases, Waltzes and races

They start and stop with strange twists

End up in unique palces

There are whirls and twirls, ( that look like; Maybe they are) playing boys and girls

Sitting-Watching-- Leaves in the wind

You will see them run away, then come back again to play

As you watch you will think

"I know where they are going to go"

They almost get there; Then switch Oh Oh

You really didn't know

Some blow high and some gone in a blink

Will they be here another day

Sitting-Watching-- Leaves in the wind

Some race as if there is no en'

While others fall ne're to move again

There are courtseys and bows, dips and paces

Then exits for faraway places

Then gone without traces

Sitting-Watching-- Leaves in the wind

In the fading light-THEY- begin to have faces

The Leaves In The Wind
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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