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Oil Leak HELP Please!

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Hi Everyone!

Anyone know if there is supposed to be an inside seal on this governor shaft!

This is a canted view of the bottom of a Honda GXV 530 that has a very frustrating oil leak.

Any ideas how to totally stop it are appreciated; Thanks.

The shaft rotates less tha 1/6th turn, but, still leaks. It has to remain free to move also. There appears to be no way to remove the arm from the outside to force an O ring or leather seal in there either.

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I don't know how your Honda engine matches up with the ones JD put on the f510 & 525 series mowers. I have a 510 and have had no luck at all getting the oil leaks stopped. I have had it to the JD dealer twice for the problem. They say it's fixed but the fix doesn't last very long. They have slowed it down a bit but still leaks when sits between mowing. I can't see anything leaking when it is running. Oh well, I spent enough money on it so will use it as long as it will go (17 years and counting) and then replace it when the time comes. Hope you have better luck with yours.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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