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oil leaks

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the last couple of years the hoe on the 202 had oil running off the foot boards .
all most ended up on the ground too many times .
so of comes off the valve bank .[attachment=2:2c01irqy]202 345.jpg[/attachment:2c01irqy][attachment=1:2c01irqy]202 346.jpg[/attachment:2c01irqy][attachment=0:2c01irqy]202 347.jpg[/attachment:2c01irqy]
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Mine will need that in a couple of years. Well actually could stand it now, :oops:
but is gonna have to wait a couple of years until I build a shop where I can work on it inside. ;)
massey203 said:
Thanks again for your reply. I'm a real rookie regarding tractors but have a vested interest in this mid '60's MF 203 (Perkins AD3 152 diesel, 3 spd., H/L and shuttle) that has seen better days a long time ago. It's got the 200 loader and the 222 hoe (I'm impressed you knew those models!) and while they do what they were designed to do, they need attention. That's another story. The shuttle aspect is a mystery to me. Currently, I can not engage forward or reverse (because of heavy grindage) unless I shut off engine, place shuttle in forward or reverse, restart engine, shift into H or L, and pick a trans gear. Then it will operate in either direction. Is that normal? Soooo, besides a heavy metallic, clanking noise while shuttle is in f or r, it seems to go. Another problem was that sometimes I have to stand on the clutch pedal and the tractor would still move for about 5 long seconds. Well, I got real brave and split this old digger to find out why these conditions were happening. So far I've found: an oiled down clutch (looks and smells like 90wt) a flywheel that has a depression where the disc contacts it that is about a 32nd" deep, and a reverse idler assembly that needs total replacement. Everything else seems/looks to be ok. Although input shaft end play is out of specs and shims are needed. I'm making up a parts wish list and now have to seek out all of them. I hope I haven't bought and created a big boat anchor. Thanks again for listening! Bob
Bob, Sounds like you've most likely found the problems with your shuttle shift.
Like I said, I'm not familiar with the internals on the 203, just basic workings of a shuttle shift.
Those may have to be in a gear and range before the shuttle will engage, I don't know,
An op's manual would tell you that, but you shouldn't have to turn the engine off, that I do know.
If you get a chance start a thread on your problems, what you found, and do to fix the problems.
With photos if possible. May help others with the same or a similar problem. ;)
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