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Oil question

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Can anyone give me some input on my 53 C. The oil keeps turning a milky gray. I am NOT loosing any antifreeze and there is no signs of gas in the oil. Oil level doesn,t seem to be rising. It has done this since I've had it.I've changed the oil and filter twice and as soon as the tractor runs it turns this color. Sorta lost and was wondering what could cause this? Presure on low idel runs mid 20's and normal around 40-45.

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Granted water in the oil will turn the oil "milky" lookin', but I'm thinkin' another route...

What kind of oil ya' using Mike? Detergent or non-detergent? I'm inclined to think what you're seeing is sludge gradually being worked loose. I believe detergent oil will break away sludge faster than detergent oil, but I'm always afraid of putting detergent oil in an engine that I don't know the history of. Using non-detergent oil I try to change them VERY frequently the first few days and change it when the oil is HOT so that all the crap will still flow.

When I got my "M" a few years ago I dumped all the old oil out and stuck filter in first thing. I filled it back up with with plain ol' cheap ND 30W, ran it until it got good and hot for 15-20 mintues and dumped it out, then done it again, and yet again. On the third time I changed the filter too. I kept that oil in it a week or two and done two more oil changes and one more filter. That one stayed in it for almost a year until I overhauled the engine.

The Cub I bought in October is already on its 2nd filter and 3rd oil change. This time the oil is staying "clean" as one would expect...
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