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Oil question

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Can anyone give me some input on my 53 C. The oil keeps turning a milky gray. I am NOT loosing any antifreeze and there is no signs of gas in the oil. Oil level doesn,t seem to be rising. It has done this since I've had it.I've changed the oil and filter twice and as soon as the tractor runs it turns this color. Sorta lost and was wondering what could cause this? Presure on low idel runs mid 20's and normal around 40-45.

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Run it for at least half an hour after it gets up to operating temp. is all I know. ;)
I change the oil in my brides car often for the same reason.
She only drives to and from work 10 minutes each way,
and the oil starts getting milky looking in about 1000 miles.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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