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Oil question

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Can anyone give me some input on my 53 C. The oil keeps turning a milky gray. I am NOT loosing any antifreeze and there is no signs of gas in the oil. Oil level doesn,t seem to be rising. It has done this since I've had it.I've changed the oil and filter twice and as soon as the tractor runs it turns this color. Sorta lost and was wondering what could cause this? Presure on low idel runs mid 20's and normal around 40-45.

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Thanks guys, DC that makes since. I am running 10-30HD Everything seems ok except the color and was wondering if old sludge could cause this. Havn't paniced but just been watching things real close.
Again Thanks for the advice.

John M said:
I hope its not the grey, as in, metal shavings?????? :shock: I think you may have a combination of both previous replies.
Oil feels good smells good, wouldn't you feel the grit if it were wear?

John M said:
Stephenscity said:
[quote="John M":30mv1t11]I hope its not the grey, as in, metal shavings?????? :shock: I think you may have a combination of both previous replies.
Oil feels good smells good, wouldn't you feel the grit if it were wear?

A little. Next time you change it, run a magnet in the stream and see. I think the other 2 post are right, and you have a combination of each..............[/quote:30mv1t11]
Ok . Thanks. Know how to solve the one but this tractor gets very little work is there anything that would help stop moisture buildup from setting?

Thanks for all the helpful ideas guys!!I guess I just need to get it out and play a little more

Jim in NC said:
Mike, make sure your thermostat is working. If engine is not reaching operating temperature, that could be a culprit, and condensation can result. Also, if you suspect sludge, before oil changes, I have drained a bit of oil and added diesel fuel to the crankcase for a little cleaning. I will work them a little on easy stuff before changing the oil.
Thanks Jim you maybe onto something there. Didn't think about it but think the last coupple times I ran it temp stayed a little cool. I blamed it on the colder weather.

John M said:
Does yours have a water pump? If not, it wont show much on the gauge unless your working the snot out of it, tstat or not...
No it doesn,t. Heck I don't want to bet there is a therm. in it. Did they put them in this type of cooling systems?This is all new to me.

Thanks everyone for all the input. Had oil checked and was told it was just from temp changes. Was told that it wasn't unusual and the oil really wasn't contaminated. Again as always Thanks!!

Quick question; Has anyone ever used the synthetic/oil blend in any of these older tractors and are they as suseptable to condensation?

John M said:
I wouldnt think so, but Im am not the biggest fan of synthetic engine oil.
Actually I'm not either but you hear so much pro and con and don't personnally know much about them. Make no sents to me they tell you not to mix them and then turn around and sell you a blend of both :? :? :?: :?:

Thanks a lot guys You cleared up a lot of my questions!!

soundguy said:
ps.. IF you are SURE, 100% that you are not loosing coolant, and the oil still emulsifies, then I'd run the bajeebers out of her and get her warm to flash off any water inthe oil.

also cover any rain caps or breathers to ensure you are not getting rain / snow intrusion..
Thanks but yea coolant level has stayed full for over a year since last flushed and is stored inside closed garage. Most likely I just don't run her hard enough and often.

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