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Oil Recommendations?

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Just wondering what everyone is using in their Deere's. When I restored my Allis D14, I found a site that had a chart that gave what the original weight that they used back in the 50's and then what AGCO recommends now. I was wondering if anyone has run across something like that for John Deere?

I'm going to assume that a simple SAE 30 would work in the crankcase? Any suggestions would be appreciated. ;)
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15w40 or 30w. I don't run non-detergent oil in anything anymore. A buddy of mine has been running 10w30 in his D14 and D17 Allis-Chalmers for many years with no problems. I run 30w shell rotella in the A's and M John Deere.
i've ben runin royal purple 10w-40 in our JD B (well that and all our gas tractors)for the last 4 years with no problems
Thanks guys! What about the rear end? We've got some 90w. Is that too heavy or should we go lighter. It's not running at high speed and it's not going to be pulling a tremendous amount of weight... it's just an H.
I put some moto honey in my rear axle. Just to help get that little bit extra to the gear face (where it needs to be).
i use whatever is called for in the book's for the rearends, but ill substitute a gallon of oil for a gallon of lucas oil
Still don't know what to use in the rear end. :? We don't have any books on either of the Deere's so we don't have a clue what it origianally used in 1945. Besides, we have much better oil than they did back then. What is everyone putting in their's?
Mine took 5 gallons in the back end of my 60. 80-90w gear oil.
Thanks! That's what I was looking for. :lol:

I wasn't sure if tractor rear ends were treated like car rear ends or not. :? I'm sure the little H won't use quite that much but I can work with that. ;)
Here is a pic that Alabamafrog sent me in a pdf. You might ask him if he has a manual for your tractor.

Mind you these values are for the 60, not for your tractor (unless it is also a 60).

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