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Oilfield halfbreed and a Waterloo Boy

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I originally only meant to buy the halfbreed, but.....the 6hp Waterloo Boy just kept talking to me so I give it a home too.Both engines are in good shape, just need a little tinkering, I should have the Oilcity Southpenn halfbreed running in about 2-3 hours, the Waterloo Boy needs shouldn't take much to get going at all, all I need now is....."time".....

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Looks like some deluxe additions to the flock Jim. You know we're gonna want to see some pictures of your progress don't you....Wish I had your retrieval rigs...crane and lowboy. Awesome.
Wow, how did I miss this. :oops:
That's a BIG project, maybe not long and tedious, just Big, lots of riggin' help needed. ;)
So have you had any "time" on them :?:
Hi Big Dave,

Hope all is well down in your neck of the woods. I have just recently got the new / other flywheels for the bigger engine....(halfbreed), but the smaller engine (black) I have got it fixed and it runs like a top, it is a pleasure to just set around and listen to it run. I don't have any "youtube" knowledge as far as trying to load videos or I would try and post videos of it running.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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