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OK GURU'S....What size International is it??

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Been working down here in the deep south for quite some time, every now and then I just drive around after work to see what is setting around, this is my latest find, and it is obviously wearing the wrong badge ( 404 ) Can anyone identify the proper size? 424, 454, 444, 414,?? or what?

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14661 appears to be the serial number on the tag....

Jim, whats on the flat spot below #2 & #3 sparkplugs? Im not to familiar with this era of IHs at all, but if I had to guess, Id say a 414.
Morning John M,

Not sure what is on it, I started to right that info down but forgot to, I do remember a number casted in the block under #4 plug, seems like it was C-146 or C-134 something like that, don't kn ow if that helps.

I'm saying a 404
Ya know, I'm agreeing with David. It has the right front axle, hydrostatic steering, a two speed tranny(not T/A), three point hitch,
and if it had the c-134 engine. :? Serial tag is in the right place under the gas tank, best I remember my great uncles, for a 404 utility.
I drilled a lot of post holes with his until Grandad bought his 530 J.D. 'Course that's been 40 years ago now. ;)
It is the exact same as my neighbor's 404. It's wearing the correct badge
I personally don't feel it is a. 404, and the reason being is this.... Sitting on this tractor- you will find the starter is on the left side under the carb, and it is a front mount starter, now go to and look at a. 404 and look at the shows the 404 has a right side starter and is a rear mount, "starter comes in from behind bellhousing". Also the hydraulic lines don't look right to me. This is just things I have noticed, also the hood on this tractor I think is to long.

Unless the hood is laying down iun the fribnt, the doglegs dont look like they dont belong on that tractor.
Morning John,

Just got up from a 12 hour drive home, so I'm still a little groggy. One thing I noticed about the hood is on the right side it has some small "hinges"? made under the lower edge as though it had some kind of side curtain on it, don't know if that helps identify that part or not. And yes the doglegs appear a little tall to me, another thing I noticed is the grill screen continues up between the headlights, and the hood cannot be shifted forward or backwards due to the radiator cap access hole ligning up, I somewhat feel it is a bits and pieces tractor, but really can't figure out the main tractor section.

Ya know after thinking about it Uncle Charlie didn't have a 404 he had a 424. That's what I'm thinking this tractor is.
Here is best gas model 424 I could find to compare. ... D=6602703&
I had a 424 and I don't think this is a 424. begining think its been piece up also ;)
Hey Jim when are we going find out what it is? ;)
Not sure Jr, I'm a little lost on this one...... :eek: :D
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

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