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Old Barns

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How many remember seeing these barns with adv?
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Love seeing those barns with advertisementson them. That was a good way of advertisting back in those days . Now cars fly by so fast they hardly have time to read the barns.

drive by this barn everyday on the way home from work
it has been painted over , advanced nutrients is the fertilizer of choice for hydroponic marijuana grow-ops
Hardly see em any more. Still a few here and there. Thanks for the pics.
Still see a bunch up through PA but very few left here in the valley.

There was a magazine called "Garage" for a couple years, published by Jesse James that had a cool article interviewing a guy (now RIP) who went around the country painting Mail Pouch barns. That last were done in the late 80's.
There are only a very few left in our area
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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