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Ole & Sven had a bush pilot fly them into the wilderness to go moose hunting. The pilot landed the float plane in a small lake and dropped them and their camping gear off, promising to come back in a week and pick them up again.

The pilot landed in exactly one week and taxied to their campsite. Then he noticed the gigantic moose head and quarters of moose meat piled on the shore along with their camping equipment. The pilot said that the moose head and meat would overload the plane and they couldn't take off with that much weight. Ole & Sven simply replied: "We did it last year".

The pilot argued and argued, but Ole & Sven both kept repeating: "We did it last year!"

Finally gave in and let them load everything on the plane. The pilot taxied to a far corner of the lake to get the most takeoff run, put the engine on full power and roared ahead. The plane finally lifted off the water and just barely missed the trees on the shore. Unfortunately, the plane was not able to maintain altitude and settled into the trees and crashed.

Sven was dazed and disoriented after the crash and asked Ole: "Where are we?" Ole replied: "Vell, we made it about t'ree hunnert feet further than we made it last year!"
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