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Oliver 60, questions

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I am looking at picking up a 60 from a local. He said he would hold it for me for 2 weeks while I researched it.

Price is $700 firm, is this a fair price? Yes it runs, he thinks it smoked a little last he saw it run.

Where can I get parts? Can I get parts? Do I need to go to a salvage yard only for parts? It looks as tho it needs rear rims (some funky angle iron welded on as wheel center may have rusted), are they rare?

What other useful info should I learn about with these tractors? Thankyou for your input.

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well based on what you put in and from the limited view i have of the tractor $700 for a running tractor isn't so bad, especially in that condition. for the parts question its yes and no. i know korves oliver has remanufactured parts and side shields but that can get pricey. may need to find some salvage yard parts but not sure. i don't think tire size is rare since lots of tractors have small tires like that. the real question is how much work do you want to put in it. are you doing full restoration or get it running and look decent around the yard. full restore will get up in price, if you count rims, tires, overall kit, parts, etc. if you just do the minimal to just have it run it won't be so bad. overall cheap price on a running tractor go for it.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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