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Oliver 60, questions

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I am looking at picking up a 60 from a local. He said he would hold it for me for 2 weeks while I researched it.

Price is $700 firm, is this a fair price? Yes it runs, he thinks it smoked a little last he saw it run.

Where can I get parts? Can I get parts? Do I need to go to a salvage yard only for parts? It looks as tho it needs rear rims (some funky angle iron welded on as wheel center may have rusted), are they rare?

What other useful info should I learn about with these tractors? Thankyou for your input.

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Missing some keys components, side shields are the big one, grille too.....700???? if it ran like a dream maybe....does have the power lift though. front tires mixed how do the rears look? I might offer a little lower to start, repop side shields are available but costly
Have you done anything with this tractor?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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