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Oliver 880 marking time.

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We spotted this poor old Oliver 880 diesel sitting beside the road in Yemassee, SC. Even though it's been sitting so long it's drawbar has sunk to ground level, it's remarkably complete. The hours meter shows 5071 hours.

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Do we see a project in your future? ;)
Hate to see it setting there like that, it sure would be something fixed up.
I have no idea who it belongs to. We just happened across it while we were on the way to Hilton Head Island, SC. It's alongside State Rd. S-7-3 just southeast of US 21/17A in Yemassee, SC.
Here are a couple of pictures of the old 880 as seen from Google Earth. It appears to have just been abandoned and the farm or business that parked it there is long gone.

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That looks like a deliberate placement based on the road and tree line.
I would love to have an 880 diesel!
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