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Our Crawlers

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Well I guess we better get to work and build these threads up again .
First Photo , first 3 on the left we have since sold . An oliver AD , an Oliver OC6 , and a case 420 .
Then a caterpillar D24U and a Cat D47U .
Second photo is a Track,marshall 55.Made in England with a 55 HP perkins motor .
3rd photo is another Trackmarshall 55 which we are trading with our friend John for a David Brown 30 T crawler .
Last photo is a David Brown 30 TD diesel .

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Well , it does not fall under the vintage heading , but it is a crawler .We just bought this . Looks a bit rough , but works well .
A bit of a tidy up and it should be a good thing .Komatsu D65EX-12

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WEll , Loaded up one of the Trackmarshall 55s , It's going down the road to John's place ,and a Dravid Brown 30T is coming home with us .
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The Komatsu D65ex-12 , Now with its covers all back on and old owners stickers removed and a shine on the blade .
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This is the David Brown 30Ti swapped with John .

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Hi Jdfan,I don't have any experience with John Deere machines .I have seen 420s ,and i would imagine that they would be a bit too light for dozer work. It depends what machines were popular in your area .I would look at a cat D4 6 or 7U, Allis chalmers HD5 or 6.Here is a Photo of our D68U 1947 model still able to do real work .

John's Allis Chalmers HD5

Our D46U

A D46U at a show .
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Alright , Seems had a photo disappear , So add a few more .
This Is a Fowler leeds 3.30 About a 1935 model we think .

My Trackmarshall 55 witha Brit
stand Drawn hydraulic Ripper

This is a Fowler VF 1948 model

Three Decades of Fowler marshall Crawlers
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BigDaveinKY said:
You've got some fun toys to play with. :D
Is that you working them??
No Dave , Not me on the crawlers .That is my Son .Do have one somewhere of me on the D47u on the tractor pull sled .See if i can find it .
International BTD8. Needs final drive , and more room in the shed ;)

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Aussie John said:
Hi Ian,
Nice find - do not see many BTD8s around here in Qld.
Did a reseal on my D4 fuel lift pump today. Found that the tell-tale leakage pipe had been crimped off with a pair of pliers so instead of leaking fuel out, it was being pumped into the engine. The insides of the engine are nice and clean now after being flushed with diesel!

Don't you just love it when you buy these Cockies specials ..Fencing pliers or wire can take care of any problem ,Untill you can palm it off some where else .
Well we got the fiat 70CI up and running , now its doing a runner up the highway .It is being replaced by an Aussie Icon tractor ,A Chamberlain Super 90 .Photos on its arrival .

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Got Better eyes than me Dave ,Had to have a good look before i spotted the bird :oops: .
The wire rope at the bottom gives some movement ,Lot of Canopys i have seen with out it break because of the vibration and stress.
Well , I know it isn't a Crawler but i will put the Super 90 Photos on this Thread .
Chamberlain Super 90 built between 1963 &1966 .Powered by a 3 Cylinder GM

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This Model . I believe had a 4 Cylinder GM .
This model ,should have the same as the Chamberlain ,a 3 cylinder .
Added a couple more Crawlers .A D23J

A D24U

And an Australian Built D4-29A.

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Hi Gordon ,The two lines are the Hydraulic lines.
Australia was the first place outside the US that Caterpillar allowed cat machines to be built under license.
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