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Our Crawlers

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Well I guess we better get to work and build these threads up again .
First Photo , first 3 on the left we have since sold . An oliver AD , an Oliver OC6 , and a case 420 .
Then a caterpillar D24U and a Cat D47U .
Second photo is a Track,marshall 55.Made in England with a 55 HP perkins motor .
3rd photo is another Trackmarshall 55 which we are trading with our friend John for a David Brown 30 T crawler .
Last photo is a David Brown 30 TD diesel .

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Is the D.B. getting a full restoration ??
Tim, Several guys had J.D. 440s that they used to cut logging roads through the hills where I grew up.
If you ain't gonna try pushing over anything real big they work pretty good on underbrush and smaller trees.
You've got some fun toys to play with. :D
Is that you working them??
Looks like someone's getting a decent old crawler.
Looking forward to seeing the Super 90.
I like the photo with the bird passing by. ;)
Educate me on why the top is made to be a bit flexible.
Thanks for the photos Ian, looks to be in good condition. Stout looking beast.
Those 3 cyl. GMs have a sound all their own. Does it run as good as it looks ?
1 - 5 of 44 Posts
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