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Our Crawlers

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Well I guess we better get to work and build these threads up again .
First Photo , first 3 on the left we have since sold . An oliver AD , an Oliver OC6 , and a case 420 .
Then a caterpillar D24U and a Cat D47U .
Second photo is a Track,marshall 55.Made in England with a 55 HP perkins motor .
3rd photo is another Trackmarshall 55 which we are trading with our friend John for a David Brown 30 T crawler .
Last photo is a David Brown 30 TD diesel .

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I believe You are right; the top one seems to howl a bit much for a 3 cylinder; unless of course the rpm's have been adjusted. The only way i could sit in the drivers seat like the one guy is would be with ear muffs. I have spent too much time around the 6 cylinder versions and they really howl.
Added a couple more Crawlers .A D23J

A D24U

And an Australian Built D4-29A.

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Some good looking dozers. I had no idea Cat made any in Australia. On the D4 what's the two lines for running down the side from the radiator. I don't remember seeing them on one before.
Hi Gordon ,The two lines are the Hydraulic lines.
Australia was the first place outside the US that Caterpillar allowed cat machines to be built under license.
41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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