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Our downunder Trucks .

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This is our volvo 8 wheeler Tilt tray . You guys Call them roll backs I think .
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Thanks for the pic ,nice looking trucks.Volvo ,a good truck ,my son use to own one.
COOL!!!! :cool: :cool: :cool: Yea they are known as roll backs here.

Good looking truck, and cargo. :D Very handy for moving equipment. ;)
This is the Volvos replacement . A DAF 2500 ,Built in holland . 30 foot tilt slide body .

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Another nice looking and useful truck.Thanks for sharing.
Beautiful truck, would go well on shifting my Inters to shows etc. :D
I was out at the Queensland raly at Biloela on the weekend . Watched a guy loading his farmalls sideways on his truck . Sure wish we had small stuff like that , to get more to shows .
You found a great truck...that old DAF has some history, its was brought new by ICI Vic & was an explosives transport truck with a tri-axel under her tray, then was owned by John Porter in Campbellfield Vic where the double layer bomb proof tray & 3rd drive was removed & we built the tilt tray for her (she had to have 150mm cut off due to VicRoads length laws). She had the DAF motor take out & a more powerful R series Mack motor dropped & a top speed of 160km on the highway. We had a few full sideload rubish trucks on her back, alot of containers & roadwork Machinery.This old DAF was the longest ridgid tilt tray in the sthern hemishpere when we built her. I would like to know what she has under the cab now & what geabox & how many times the Rams for the tray have bent while you have had her.
She was the pride of the fleet for sure she is or was for you.
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