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Our Haulin' Truck

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A 1992 Dodge 250 Cummins diesel 4wd. I remember someone describing this as a Teddy Roosevelt truck. He went on to say it was a "rough rider". It rides fairly well idf you are over 60 mph. It only hits the high spots in the road then. Mrs. Jim used to enjoy driving it to school. She said she made heads tun when folks heard it rumble into the parking lot. :lol:
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YOU HAVE MY DREAM TRUCK!!!!!!! Have you done anything to it or kept it stock?
180k miles? Heck that isn't even broke in! Turning the pump up would make an unbelievable difference in power and driving. Some say they get better mileage with that.
From personal experience its better mileage. I just adjusted the pump 1 turn and bumped the timing. And got gauges
Nobody can kill a Cummins! They're indestructible!
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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