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Our John Deere Garden Tractors

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Thought I'd through a few pictures back on here of our John Deere Garden Tractors...

Here's our '85 420, 1355 hours on the clock as of last weekend. It has 3pt hitch, 54" 4-way blade, 60" mower

Here's our '67 112H, this was my very first tractor, bought it in 1995 and restored it in 2000-2002. It has sleeve hitch, No. 30 tiller, No. 42 6-way blade (rare), No. 36 snowthrower, and No. 46 mower

Our 1973 140H3, bought it out the dealers "bone pile", has sleeve hitch, No. 48 mower, and carries the No. 54 blade from time to time as well

'66 110, manual lift with helper spring kit. Used this one for snowthrower and tiller duties

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Some fine looking machines there!!!What is that old piece buried in the snow on the next to last pic?

Those factory weights on the front or homemade? Sure looks good to me and love the pics too ;)
Nice collection you have there :D
The piece sitting down next to the shed is a John Deere No. 160-B Small Disk Tiller, circa 1930's. A friend of mine in eastern NC gave it to me, he thought it was a disk plow. I intended on restoring it for shows and such, but it's extremely hard to load and unload on a trailer.One of these days I may get around to restoring it.

The weights are something I scrounged up years ago from a job back when I was in general construction. I've got three of them that I can mount front or rear on either machine as I needs and seasons dictate.

Thank you all for the compliments!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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