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Well I was going for a joyous ride in the woods. Thought I would avoid a stump by going around it. I did not pay any attention to the ground clutter. Next thing I know a stick that the front tire ran over turned around and jumped up and shattered the cap, rotor and dust shield! Owch. Going to wait till tomorrow to see what a local auto parts can do. All the online people want me to buy the points with the rotor (dont need to replace my good points).

After it goes back together I will armor that distributor against this.
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Wow! That is crazy and kinda costly
Atleast it got the tractor and not you!!!

Stephenscity said:
Atleast it got the tractor and not you!!!
Yeowch! didnt even think of that...its the 40 dollar JD mag cap I was thinking of :lol:
$29 horizontal distributor cap, $10 dust cover, ? rotor.

Next time I will place a piece of 3/16" plate across for armor. An expensive learning curve.
Actuality to repair it? A $5 rotor from NAPA (compatible with the Ford Pinto) and some JB Weld and modelers cement.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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