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pduct endorsement - liquitube

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found a product that actually does what it says...

i have a variety of pneumatic tires on the farm.. wheel barrowm CUV, tractgors.. some gate wheels.. etc.. lawnmower.. etc.

some are tubed.. some not.

on my lawnmower for instance, not tubed.. but the rubber itself is porous.. can pump the tire up and weight it in the horse tough and a few hours later it has white 'foam' micro bubbles on it.

in days it goes flat.

for things like that I used slime or fix a flat. got decent results.. the slime seems to wear out and stop working in a couple years...

have a big gate tire that did the same and tried this stuff from tractor supply.. was on sale from 15 to 10 for 2 bottles.. comes with a tire valve remover anda transfer hose.

pumped some into my gate tire with the squeezy bottle... rolled it around for 5 minutes and reinstalled. i wiped the residue off the bottle and left it on the rubber truck mudflap that doubles as the topper for my work bench. the white stuff sets up like rubber.. in fact.. reminds me of latex... maybee it is?? in any case.. had it in that tire for a couple weeks now. this tire would go flat weekly.. abd be low mid week. just checked it and it is holding the 24 psi i put in it 2 weeks ago. stuff claims to make a tube like liner in the tire.. well.. i guess it does.

looks like it would be great for a tube or tire with a slow pinhole leak or porous rubber or perhaps a dirty bead...

says no hiway / high speed use.. my guess is it clumps and doesn't spread out 100% even by cure time and thus could make an imballance for a car tire.

if this suff doesn't go wattery and break down like slime.. well.. I'm sold! i hate opening a tire with old slime in it.. nast gunk.

mind you.. i bet this makes a real mess on a non tubed rim.. probably a bear to clean.. :)
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Cool. Thanks for the tip. I've used slime with pretty good luck so far.
I just replaced a front lawnmower tire like you described.... no holes....just pourous. Would go totally flat in about a week.
I kept adding air for two years until both fronts were bald. First time I ever ran the tread off lawnmower tires. :?
But then I never had to use my mower to blow the grass of my 1/4 mile blacktop lane until I bought this mower.
The tractor I like.... the mowing deck.... not so much. But back to the topic. Glad you found something that seems to work well for you.
I've never been a big fan of liquid tire patch/sealer products, because
soundguy said:
i hate opening a tire with old slime in it.. nast gunk.
mind you.. i bet this makes a real mess on a non tubed rim.. probably a bear to clean. :)
So is this stuff kinda like the Liquid Electrical Tape stuff?
some kinda liquid rubber.. reminds me of laytex..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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