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Peach harvest

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My early peaches are getting ripe, and the trees are loaded this year. My brother and I picked three bushels off it Wednesday,
and there is another two bushels that will be ripe in the next week or so. He only took half a bushel for himself and I gave my only neighbor,
(the rest are, as he puts it "just people living around us") half a bushel last night. So I'm knee deep in putting up peaches before they go bad.
The trees are so loaded this year they only got plumb size , some a little bigger, but boy are they sweet. :D
I got them all washed, and sorted yesterday, and used the ones getting overripe to make a cobbler last night. MMMMMMMMMMMM !!!!!!!! that's some good eatin'. ;)
Who else is enjoying fresh peaches off their trees??
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Boy am I envious. The last freeze we had here got all my fruit. Peaches pears and plums. Was able to cover and save strawberries. ENJOY :cry: :lol:

The good peaches here aren't ripe until labor day? :roll: I love peaches :) :) ....James
I'll be picking my Red Haven peaches by the end of June. Usualy it's end of July.
Cling peaches ripen early and freestone later in the season.
Both trees were suposed to be freestone Elberta peaches when I planted them 15 years ago.
One must have been marked wrong. My other tree still has little green rocks on it.
Freestones are much easier to work up. I usually get this many peaches off both trees in a season, both are dwarf trees.
I've about got all that my bride and I will eat over the winter. Twelve pints of peaches, and
ten pints of preserves, from two big rounded up bushels of peaches. ;)
We have a tree that is not ready yet. It is loaded and naturally the fruit is gonna be small. Peach preserves, cobbler, and ice cream are three of my favorite things. :D
Dagone it guys you're making me hungry :!: :!: :!: :D

Stephenscity said:
Dagone it guys you're making me hungry :!: :!: :!: :D
And we are doing something about it. We are producing food :!:
Glad to hear of such an excellent problem to be having, Dave. We have a couple of peach trees on our place, but they havn't amounted to much more than goat treats the last couple of years... our old time pear tree though - she's another story...
Enjoy the sweet treats!
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