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Well were paying for that late freeze now!!!! Just went to get a bushel of peaches and they are up to $38 a bushel. Didn't buy any!!!!OH well better luck next year :lol: :lol: :lol: Well I guess wasn't really a late freeze but that early warm weather.
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I wanted peaches but not at that price .
bettyp said:
I wanted peaches but not at that price .
Me Too are they that high there too?
If you come and pick them, you can have some off my tree. I'm sure there deer will let you have some.
There's a fairly abundant crop in NC, and they are between $30 and $40 a bushel at most places. I have seen them in grocery stores on sale rite around $1 a pound. When possible, we try to get the "seconds", maybe a few dents, soft spots, etc. We freeze them or make preserves so being really ripe is good.
I've got peaches at .97/lb. in my store right now... but they're the California Imports so go figure... most other places around here are running about 1.50/lb. though they aren't carrying the Southern or New England Peaches, so I don't know. I know our goats are enjoying our two peach trees greatly these last few weeks :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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