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Pears are early too

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Pick my pears today as some were beginning to go bad. Normaly they're not ready to pick until it frost, but like everything else this year, they're early.
We made pear butter last year, tasted great( recipe from Betty ). We had a 6 QT. slow cooker heaping full and end with 3 pints. This year we want to freeze some. Diane made a pear pie and took it in to work and everyone thought it was an apple pie. Not many had eaten pear pie.
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Sounds like a familiar story! My wife and I just got a bushel of our pears in last night and have been making pear butter and pear honey all day today... it is early though. The last few years it's usually up in October when we're doing this. Never heard of freezing them, but it sounds promising! Hope everything goes the best for you guys. :)
We have bartlett pears here and they are usually ready the first week of Sept. This year 2 weeks early. We pick them and store the best, can, dehydrate and juice the rest after they ripen. We can most all our fruit in pear juice instead of using sugar. Except juice/cider we use more pears than apples here....James
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