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People Mover?

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Can I get some posts of what your people movers look like? Thankyou.

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Look like the perfect people mover there.
LOL roof might be nice for shade or to keep rain off.
I know this may not be exactly what you ar lookning for but this is my grand daughter mover that I built for the Cub 147R.

As it takes shape from a concept:

Some work, and it begins to look like it might just come together:

Finishing touches:

The girls aboard for trial fit:

Taking them for the first ride:

Their Dad at the controls:

Ok, so it only moves two people and they are small:)
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Lke that ,very good ideal.
We have that. Its called the barrel train. Loads of fun for the kids at fairs.

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Neat idea using items at hand! Little people want to be moved too :!:
Very nice barrel train, I go to a couple shows that have these for the kids and most of the time they are full and moving! They love them and your club is making some memories. These kids may be future tractor drivers too.
Great photos and don't the kids love it. :)
Only other thing I might add about people movers. Maybe its a Maine thing. Yet we seem to get more riders on the tractors with 2 green cylinders, over the 4 - 6 banger tractors.
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