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Pics from "Kats" of him working on his MF135 UK

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Tom will explain what he is doing in the pics..........

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Re: Pics from "Kats" of him workiking on his MF135 UK

she looks sharp .
never seen air intake like yours .
Re: Pics from "Kats" of him workiking on his MF135 UK

Great looking tractor! Looks like some emblem refurbishment work to make it pop!
Hi folks wanted to post these pictures of my massey ferguson 135 uk. 1974 {Getting Medallions for hood} I found was impossible . so got a pair of north american {raised letter metal} then ordered the replacements that are plastic with decals. used the base discarded the decals redrilled the plastic base to take the metal raised letters and cleaned them up and repainted them worked out real well at least now they look original . the air breather is a turbo two. and has a large plastic fan inside but i have the metal one also and like it best. enjoy your machines Tom
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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