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Pillars, 25 years on.

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25 years ago when we started bulding there were two round stone pillars at our lane., only problem was the gate was only seven feet wide, so one had to go to let lorries in. The piller was always intended to be put back, leaving a wider entrance, but you know how there's always something else to do :lol: Well finally the piller has made it to the top of the list :eek: and we made a start on a new one yesterday. We're using stones picked from the fields in the spring, so materials are not scarce. this is the start and will put up some pics as we go along.

Rory doing Gaffer as usual

The old piller will have to be repaired

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That looks to be one handy cement mixer. :D
This should be interesting to watch . We will be waiting for pics.
No wonder you've been sparce on the boards as of late. Packing stones around wears one down. ;)
You're off to a good start. Looking forward to seeing them finished. :D
Very interesting post I too will be waiting for the pictures. Have fun ;)
Thanks folks, we got another 18 inches on today again so one more go and we should be ready toput the cap on.
will keep you all posted. By the way its nice that you missed me :oops:
Making progress with the building and now have 3 traditional pillars, where there used to be one :lol:

My good friend Phillip , the builder , and the apprentise, (me), I'm just posing, he did the bulk of the work. We have got the tops on 2 of them today and made a start to restoring an old iron field gate to hang between two of them.
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Some good looking stone work!!!!Gonna look great when finished!!!
You made a great choice in that work .Thanks for sharing.
Looks good Paddy, You've left your mark on the world. ;)
In a few hundred years someone may have to do a bit of upkeep on what you've built. ;)
I agree with BigDave...excellent job. It'll last many, many years. On a side note, Paddy, my daughter's best friend is going to marry a young man from County Cork !!!
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