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Pilot bushing

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Really getting angry cant find a pilot bushing for my super a at any of my local parts store nd the case dealer wants 37.00 for it plus it's an hour away from my house neither slacks or napa have one I guess I'm just venting because 37.00 seemed outrageous to me!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts list them for 16.95. The last couple I bought, I got from my local bearing supply house. Just take the old one, or ID & OD & length with you.
joe no they said they dont have it nor could they get it idk about you guys but my napa here at home has changed alot in the past few years they dont have anything

john i saw that i just dont feel like waiting 5-7 business day haha. for one im impatient two my garden needs cultivating pretty bad i need to find a bearing shop around here thats a great idea thanks alot
well finally got the bushing but its the wrong one i had number 355805r1 and it said it fits super a but way too small got this info on it said that that bushing replaces that number whatever that means i dont know anyway think i have the right parts number now and it is much cheaper 16 dollars at the local ih dealer dont know why such a big difference!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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